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Handy Leather Repairs and Refurbishment

Give your furniture a new lease of life with the help of our leather repairs and leather refurbishment services in Greenock, Renfrewshire. Our team will come to your property for your convenience.

Leather Cleaning

Your sofa will look brand-new with our special leather cleaning formula. This removes all of the dirt and grime without causing damage, and additional stain guard protection is available. It usually takes us around two hours to fully clean a leather suite and is ready to use immediately.


When the colour is fading from your sofa, there is no need to worry. Our professionals offer re-colouring of leather to brighten the look of the whole room. Darkening the leather takes at least a couple of hours, but normally times are always varied as they depend on the size of the couch.

Contact us for leather repairs and refurbishment to improve your furniture's condition.